How Many Ways Can You Make a Vision Board?

How Many Ways Can You Make a Vision Board?

Maybe you think there are just one or two ways to make a vision board. But there are actually many ways! Different formats, themes, media, and time periods allow you to personalize your vision boards to fit you and your goals!

Most people just think of cutting out pictures from magazines and pasting them to a sheet of poster board as the way to make a vision board. 

But that's just the beginning! There are so many other possibilities!

How many ways can you make a vision board?

Let me count the ways...

First, there are all kinds of different vision board FORMATS that you can use!

10 Vision Board Formats to Use

  1. A traditional vision board with magazine images on poster board
  2. Digital vision board
  3. Vision board card deck
  4. Shadow box vision board
  5. Video
  6. Accordion-fold vision board
  7. Bulletin board
  8. Pinterest
  9. Art journal or book
  10. Planner/notebook

Then, consider the different TIME PERIODS you can make a vision board for!

5 Time Periods for which to Make a Vision Board

  1. One year
  2. Life
  3. A business quarter or a 90-day year
  4. A season (spring, summer, fall, winter)
  5. The time period of a project

Then, there are the different possible SUBJECTS for your vision board!

11 Topics for your Vision Board

  1. The year ahead
  2. Your entire life 
  3. An area of your life (such as relationships or finances)
  4. A specific goal or project (such as writing a book or planning a wedding)
  5. An I AM vision board 
  6. Discovery & soul searching
  7. A gratitude board
  8. Healing from the past 
  9. Personal development
  10. Planning
  11. Past, present, future

Finally, consider all the possible ways you can ORGANIZE a vision board!

6 Ways to Organize a Vision Board

  1. Free form
  2. By life area (such as with the wheel of life format or Feng Shui bagua)
  3. Astrology (your sun/moon/rising sign or the current transits)
  4. Spiral or concentric circles
  5. Past, present, future 
  6. Body
  7. Creative

There are so many different vision board possibilities! And those are just the ones that I can think of off the top of my head and/or have explored myself! I'm sure others have tried or will try other ideas!

But just with this list, how many different vision board ideas does that give us?

10 formats x 5 time periods x 11 topics x 6 organizational structures = 3,300 different possible combinations!


All that possibility could get you really excited, as it does me. So many ways to harness the power of vision boards!

Or... maybe it could be overwhelming.

If this is you, or if you're new to vision boards, I'd suggest sticking with the tried and true.

Make a traditional vision board with magazine images on poster board for the coming year. Or, if you prefer working on the computer, make a digital vision board for the coming year.

If you have made a vision board, what kind did you make? What kind would you like to try?

And if you haven't made one yet, I invite you to sign up for one of my Vision Board Workshops. In them, I walk you through my process for making a powerful vision board to achieve your goals and create your dream life.

Or, pick up a copy of my book, Vision Board Magic: A Practical Guide to Manifesting Success, Happiness & Abundance. Besides sharing how to harness the power of vision boards to reach goals and make your dream life a reality, the book also provides practical tools, lifestyle design ideas, and manifestation techniques.

In it, you'll find step-by-step tutorials for five of my favorite vision board formats.

  1. Poster Board - A tried & true favorite. Cut and paste to make a large vision board to hang on your wall. 
  2. Digital Vision Board - Go all digital with an easy-to-use web-based graphic design program. Update anytime!
  3. Accordion-Fold - Create a vision board that you can display on a shelf or fold up and take with you.
  4. Vision Board Cards - Make small, topic-specifc vision board collages. Display one or a few at a time, take them with you, or use as journaling prompts.
  5. Shadow Box - Make a vision board inside a shoe box, combining 2D images and words with 3D objects.

Jean Van't Hul, Life & Business Coach

I help dreamers and doers live their best lives, create success on their own terms, and build businesses that thrive. I am a life and business coach, astrologer, and a vision board workshop facilitator.

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