Step into YOUR best life with the help of vision boards!

Vision boards are a powerful tool for dreaming big, setting intentions & goals, and achieving them.


Resources to help you live the life you desire

I help individuals and groups achieve their goals through my vision board process and workshops.

Vision Board Magic Workshop

Vision boards are a powerful tool for dreaming big, setting intentions & goals, and achieving them. Use them personally or professionally, at any time, for any area of life. In my online workshop, I guide you through my process for creating a vision board that works, then share my best tips for living into your dream life.

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Group Vision Board Workshops

I facilitate online vision board workshops for teams and organizations around the country and world via zoom. During these online workshops, I guide the group through my process for creating a digital vision board that works. By using Canva, a simple-to-use (and free) graphic design program, participants can join in with just a computer. 

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Vision Board Articles

Learn more about the power of vision boards and how to make and use them to create powerful changes in your life and achieve your goals.

I write blog posts on vision boards, dreaming big, setting intentions & goals, and living your best life.

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Vision Board Magic Book

My new vision board book, subtitled "Harness the Power of Vision Boards to Achieve Your Goals & Step into Your Dream Life" will be out soon!

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14-Day Gratitude Challenge


Gratitude can change your life. Truly. This 14-day challenge will help you transform your relationship with yourself, your world, and your business.

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Free Resources

Check out the free resources that I have available that will help you to prepare for and create your vision board. (More coming soon!)

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About me

Hi! My name is Jean Van't Hul and I am an entrepreneur, author, and business mentor. I love hiking, early morning journaling, playing board games with my daughters, and helping people live their best lives, true to themselves.  

I’m a big advocate of vision boards as tools for dreaming big and turning those dreams into reality. I have been making and using them for more than 20 years myself with incredible results. And guide others to use them through my Vision Board Magic Workshop and upcoming book.

In addition, I am passionate about helping entrepreneurs, authors, and experts improve their online businesses so that they can make a bigger impact with less effort and live the lives they love, which I do through SoulBiz Consulting.

I have also long been dedicated to helping parents and educators foster children's creativity at home and in the classroom, which I have done through The Artful Parent blog, books, and courses.

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