Create your dream life with the help of a vision board.

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Dream Big

I'll walk you through the process of dreaming big and translating those dreams into goals and priorities.

Make a Vision Board

I'll take you step-by-step through my process of making a vision board that works.

Live with Purpose

I'll show you how to activate your vision board and use it as a guide for 2021 and your life.

Let's make 2021 a year worth celebrating!

A vision board is a powerful tool to create the year and life that you want to live. You can use vision boards to:

  • Clarify your dreams & goals
  • Manifest experiences, things, relationships and more
  • Guide you throughout the year

I'll help you make a vision board that works. 

I'll walk you step by step through my process for making a powerful and effective vision board. Here's some of what we'll do together:

  1. Realize the potential of a vision board and why everyone should create one.
  2. Dream bigger than big, then translate the fairy dust version to goals & intentions.
  3. Create a powerful & unique vision board (physical or digital!).
  4. Make the vision board work for you as you breathe life into your dreams & goals.

Make-A-Wish Donations

I am donating 10% of each Vision Board Workshop sale to the Make-A-Wish Foundation!* As we work toward making our own dreams come true, we will also be helping to fund the dreams and wishes of children living with critical illnesses. 

We know a family who has been a beneficiary of this wonderful organization and we know how much of an impact it can have!

*Half of the amount is given to Make-A-Wish America and half is given to Make-A-Wish International.

Make 2021 a year worth celebrating!

One magical payment of $20.21 gets you in on this beta version of my vision board workshop. 

Join me in creating an amazing year and life with the power of vision boards!

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"I really love it, it was very helpful. I could organized my ideas goals and thoughts, Jean will guide you so you can explore your creativity, live the process and enjoy. Thank you."

- Martha

"This workshop helped me build upon my vision board practice by introducing a process for reflecting and linking these reflections to goals and eventually images. In addition to wonderful tips around selecting and assembling images, Jean shares insights into connecting the vision board meaningfully into your life throughout the year."

- Dana, Appleton, WI

"This workshop was amazing! I enjoy every part of it. It was inspiring and a beautiful way to go for your goals! Reconnect with your self with this vision board workshop. Now I want to do it every year and I want it to be part of my life."

- Sofia, Explore Mexican Culture with Art

"Such a wonderful workshop with clear direction and insight into creating a unique, personal vision board. I really looked forward to each session."

- N.E., Seattle, WA


"The Vision Board workshop was just what I needed to center myself for processing the past year, regrouping and looking forward to the next! Jean's clear, friendly presentation style is personal and accessible and offers just the right touch of guidance for inspiring her students' own exploration of the medium."

- Amy, Asheville, NC

"Jean inspires creative thinking in everything she does. Looking forward to putting my dreams out there so that they can become reality through her vision board process."

- Molly, ArtistMolly.com, Virginia, USA

FAQs for the Vision Board Workshop