A Practical Guide to Manifesting Success, Happiness & Abundance

Written by Jean Van't Hul

Learn how to harness the power of vision boards to reach goals and make your dream life a reality. Vision Board Magic will help you dream bigger and say yes to your true desires while also providing practical tools, lifestyle design ideas, and five vision board projects.


"This book is the most in depth book on vision boards I have ever read."

From a review on Amazon by DebbieB 

Do you want something more out of your life? Do you have dreams you hope to manifest? Goals you’d like to achieve?

In Vision Board Magic, coach and workshop facilitator Jean Van’t Hul offers inspiration and guidance that anyone can use to create a life of abundance, happiness, and fulfillment.

With over two decades of experience, Jean shows you how to harness the power of vision boards to reach your goals and make your dream life a reality. In these pages you’ll find keys to unlocking their magic:

  • How vision boards work to bridge the gap between dreams and tangible outcomes
  • Why saying yes to your own authentic desires is the key to true success
  • Five methods for creating a vision board as a visual representation of your goals
  • Practical tools, lifestyle design ideas, and manifestation techniques to implement now
  • Ways to set yourself up for success and overcome obstacles along the way

You CAN have the life you desire. This book reveals the path that leads from where you are to where you want to be.

Through her book, Jean invites you to embark on a transformative journey that can turn your wildest dreams into vivid realities. Pick up Vision Board Magic and start building the life you’ve always imagined.


What people are saying about the book

Read some of the reviews people have left for Vision Board Magic. (Click here to see all the reviews on Amazon.)

An encyclopedia of vision board wisdom!

I'm a big believer in vision boards. I make them all the time, big ones, small ones, on my computer, on paper, in notebooks, on posterboard, and so on. I have read many books on vision boards over the years.

This book is the most in depth book on vision boards I have ever read.

The author begins with her own experience in getting into vision boards and what they mean to her. She goes on to explain how to make various vision boards and how to make them work for you. She dives deep into the different types of boards you can make and the steps to take in creating one that will really work for you.

A vision board isn't just taking pictures and gluing them haphazardly to make something pretty. It's a powerful tool that you can use to reach your goals and make your dreams come true and this book will be a helpful tool to help you get where you need to be.


I have long awaited the release of this book!

I have been following Jean since her first webinar on vision board magic. I find this book fantastic. She explains in a clear and fluent way how to make a vision board and how to give substance to one's wishes through focused thoughts and actions. It is a really useful and powerful tool. I highly recommend it! Thank you Jean!


Very Inspiring

I teach vision board workshops to at risk teens and I still found some new helpful information in this book for not only the youth I work with but also myself. Really loved the book very inspiring book.

Ms. T Davis

About the Author

Jean Van’t Hul is an author, entrepreneur, and coach with over two decades of experience in making and harnessing the power of vision boards to achieve goals and make desired life changes. Her dedication to understanding how to build the bridge between a dream and a tangible outcome has inspired her own life-long quest and work.

Passionate about helping people manifest their dreams, Jean’s mission is to help individuals unlock their full potential and lead a fulfilling life with purpose, authenticity, and abundance. She shares her knowledge, ideas, and processes through workshops, coaching, and writing at

In addition, Jean is the founder of The Artful Parent website and an award-winning author of several books on children's art and creativity, seasonal crafts, and family fun.

Jean lives in Asheville, North Carolina with her partner and daughters.

(Photo of Jean by Rebekah Brackett of Brackett Studios)

More Reviews

More reviews people have left for Vision Board Magic. (Click here to see all the reviews on Amazon.)

A well-written and fun explanation of how to create and use vision boards!

Jean Van't Hul has written a fun, upbeat, and dare I say, exciting how-to of vision boards. She has detailed everything you need to get started, from establishing your dreams and goals, to finding all the tools necessary to put the board together either as a piece of art or as a digital image. But she doesn't stop there. She then offers a tutorial on how to activate your vision and change your mindset to bring your dreams and goals into fruition. This book is a must-have for anyone who is ready to bring about great change to their lives by using the magic of intention, visualization and action.


Inspiring and Encouraging

I really like the way Jean shared her passion for vision boards and their magic. The author generously shared all the tools, all her knowledge of creating a vision board. The reading is very easy and I love that you can find creative ways to ground your goals with techniques and tools that are very well explained in the book.


Fantastic Book

Jean tells it all. The insight on creating the board itself, as well as why it works and how to see your dreams come to life. This book is a must have.


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