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Are you interested in offering a vision board workshop for your group?


The vision board process helps individuals and teams to identify dreams and goals and create a powerful visual representations that they can then use in the process of achieving them.

My group workshops work for large and small organizations, national and international teams, retreats, special events, and even families. Some of the organizations I have worked with include Uber, LinkedIn, Old Navy, Maryland University, PinPoint Talent, and the Friends Committee on National Legislation.

"Jean did a great job of keeping the virtual workshop interactive... Everyone that participated came away feeling inspired.

Jackie Gujral, Uber

I facilitate online vision board workshops for teams and organizations around the country and world via Zoom. The vision board format that I generally focus on in these virtual workshops is digital, making it easy for all participants to make them with just a computer and a free Canva account. 

I also offer in-person vision board workshops in Western North Carolina, with a focus on traditional formats (pasting images onto poster board). 

You can learn more about the general format of my group vision board workshops below as well as see a description of the materials and exercises that I provide ahead of time.

If you would like to offer a vision board workshop for your group or team, contact me for a conversation about your group's needs, my workshop process, and how we might work together.


We can hop on zoom to talk about the details, what exactly you're envisioning, and how we can tailor the workshop for your group and needs. For example, are you looking to create a shared vision board for your team? Or to encourage each participant to create their own personal vision board (whether for professional or personal life)? 

I look forward to talking with you!

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"If you're seeking a vision board workshop for your team, I can't recommend this one enough!" 

Ashlee Morris, Friends Committee on National Legislation

What I cover in my group vision board workshops


1. I start with a brief introduction to vision boards, including what they are, how they work, why make one, and my experience with them. 

2. I then walk your group through an exercise to help each person identify dreams, goals, and intentions for the coming year.

(Or, if the purpose is to create a shared team vision board, then I focus the exercise on goals and intentions for the group as a whole.)

3. Next, I show how to select the best images and words to represent the dreams and goals, focusing on online sources.

4. Then I walk participants through a tutorial on how to make a digital vision board using Canva, an easy-to-use online graphic design software.

I provide three templates to choose from that participants can use for their own vision boards.  It’s super easy to drag and drop different photos and graphics into the template, to change colors and text, and to change the layout.  

5. Finally, I share tips for displaying the vision boards once they are completed and using them as guides for achieving goals throughout the year.

"The feedback from our team was fantastic - we so enjoyed our time with Jean and know the vision board activity provided a lot of value to the participants." 

Vicki Rueda, Paylocity


I also provide you and your group with a Vision Board Prep Guide ahead of time


The information and exercises in my Vision Board Prep Guide will help each participant prepare to make their vision board and begin to think about possibilities. 

Year in Review

The Year in Review Exercise encourages participants to reflect on and process the past year, including what went well, what didn't, lessons learned, and what they are grateful for. 

Wheel of Life Assessment

The Wheel of Life Assessment helps participants rate each area of their life and get a sense for where they are and where they might like to make changes.

15 Vision Board Ideas

The list of vision board ideas and categories prompts participants to start thinking about possibilities for their own lives and what they want to include on their own vision boards. 

Your Vision Board Guide & Facilitator


Jean Van't Hul, chief dreamer & doer at Life Dreamery, is a vision board workshop facilitator, author, entrepreneur, and business coach in Asheville, North Carolina. 

Hi! I'm Jean.

I’m a huge fan of vision boards and have been making and using them for over 20 years. They are powerful tools for clarifying, focusing, affirming, and manifesting what you desire to be, do, and have.

I guide individuals and groups through a step-by-step process of making inspiring and effective vision boards through my virtual and in-person workshops.

I absolutely love helping others use vision boards to live into their dreams & goals! 

Contact me to discuss a vision board workshop for your group or organization

Use the contact form below, or send me an email at [email protected], so we can discuss your group's needs and goals and how I might be able to help.

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What people are saying about my group vision board workshops... 

Here are a few recent testimonials from teams and organizations I have worked with.

Jean's vision board workshop was such a great way for our group to take time to focus on their professional and personal goals, as well as set their intentions for the year.

Jean did a great job of keeping the virtual workshop interactive by engaging the audience in discussion, incorporating personal examples, and providing great tips and tricks to build our vision boards. Everyone that participated came away feeling inspired. Jean also made it so easy to set this up --- she set clear expectations, was very responsive and was able to cater to the nuances of our group.

We would love to host another workshop with Jean in the future!

Jackie Gujral, Uber

The feedback from our team was fantastic.

Jean hosted a vision board workshop for Paylocity’s Virtual Culture Crew and exceeded our expectations. She took the time and care to customize the presentation to incorporate our corporate values and was able to guide participants in crafting boards that reflected both their personal and professional goals. The feedback from our team was fantastic - we so enjoyed our time with Jean and know the vision board activity provided a lot of value to the participants.

Vicki Rueda, Paylocity

Our staff had a wonderful experience with Jean's Vision Board Workshop.

Her story and exercises on setting intentions set the tone for a very inspiring session and made it exciting to explore the opportunity for our goals and accomplishments. We all walked away inspired! Not only was her workshop wonderful but coordinating with her was a breeze! Jean was very professional and warm from beginning to end and even was willing to accommodate our team with a new format. Overall, if you’re seeking a vision board workshop for your team, I can’t recommend this one enough!

Ashlee Morris, Friends Committee on National Legislation

Thank you SO much for the vision board workshop. It was everything I was hoping for.

I love how you wove some personal story-telling and really grounded us on this lovely Friday morning. Reminding us that this exercise is for us individually, that's who it has to appeal to, sounds like a simple concept but definitely gives me more freedom.
Having you continue explaining features while we worked was really helpful too since everyone is at different skill levels.

Crystal Helwig, PinPoint Talent

Thank you so very much.

Loved the set up, transparency, powerful questions. You make people really think. Thank you so very much.

Sally-Ann Cooke, LinkedIn

The vision board workshop was enjoyed by all. 

There was nothing but positive comments.

Saifa Poole, University of Maryland

I had a fantastic time working with Jean to plan a Vision Board Workshop for my team.

Jean made the process so easy! During the event, I loved the way Jean shared stories of how effective vision boards can be to help reach your goals.  Also, creating the vision board digitally was user friendly and it was fun to create using images we gravitated towards. Thanks Jean!

Megan Tentinger, C.H. Robinson

I have done multiple vision boards but the way you have guided us through finding our goals is really helpful in intention setting.

Thank you again!


Your passion in sharing with others how to utilize vision boards towards a positive impact on their lives, is inspiring!

Thank you.


I can't recommend working with her more. I would definitely bring her on again!

Every new year, I have a strong desire to create a vision board as I know the power in them. I always seem to get overwhelmed by having to buy all the magazines, cut everything out, and then plan where everything will go. Because of this, I never seem to follow through.

This year, I had the pleasure of Jean leading an online session on Vision Boarding for my membership group. She walked the group step by step on how to create an online vision board in a simple and joyful way. She’s incredibly organized, knowledgeable, thoughtful, and creative. She had inspiring examples and an entire slide presentation with so many great decorative and practical tips.

It changed my whole relationship to vision boards. It became fun and manageable as opposed to overwhelming. Just setting aside the time in itself to do it was incredible.

The workshop also created deeper bonding and connection within our group as we were able to share our visions with each other. I can’t recommend working with her more. I would definitely bring her on again!

Meredith Sloane, Real Healings

The Vision Board Workshop that Jean facilitated was phenomenal.

If you have no idea what creating a vision board is all about or its purpose, this workshop is for you! It's about the power of manifestation and it's vital that you choose someone who will be supportive before, during, and after your experience. For my family and I, Jean was that support. Thank you!

Vatrice Clorie

The workshop was fun, creative and definitely something the team needed

Early in 2023 we had the opportunity to work with Jean Van’t Hul from Life Dreamery. She hosted a 2023 Vision Board Session with our Marketing Team via zoom. She had the team focus on important goals, both personal and career goals. The team gathered some pictures/images that they wanted to achieve in 2023, cut and pasted to their boards and had such a great time doing this. The workshop was fun, creative and definitely something the team needed, even as a team building activity. We recommend this Vision Board session for teams and would definitely use Jean again in the future!

Liza Andrade, Old Navy