I help people with big dreams & goals create vision boards that WORK.

I facilitate vision board workshops for individuals and groups. Whether online or in person, I guide you through my process for making vision boards that work and living the life of your dreams.

a live vision board workshop

Vision Board Workshops for Individuals

Join my next live online workshop to create a digital vision board that you can use on your computer or phone OR print out to display on your wall. 

Vision board workshops for groups

Vision Board Workshops for Groups & Organizations

Ask me about my interactive group workshops during which I guide your team or group through my process for creating a vision board that works.


Vision boards are powerful tools for creating the life that you desire.

 Vision boards are visual representations of your dreams & goals. Use them to make changes and step into your dream life, whether you seek small tweaks or major transformations. 

You can use vision boards to:

✔️ Clarify your dreams & goals

✔️ Manifest your best life

✔️ Guide you throughout the year

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Join a LIVE Vision Board Workshop

Make a vision board with guidance in real time.

Join one of my live online workshops to create a powerful and effective vision board to achieve your goals and live the life you desire. I'll help you create a vision board that you can use as wallpaper on your phone and computer AND print out to display on your wall.


Vision Board Workshops for Groups & Teams

Book a workshop for your group or organization.

I facilitate online vision board workshops for teams and organizations around the country and world via zoom. During these interactive online workshops, I guide your group through my process for creating a vision board that works.


What people are saying

Here are a few  testimonials from participants of my vision board workshops.

Jean did a great job of keeping the virtual workshop interactive... engaging the audience in discussion, incorporating personal examples, and providing great tips and tricks to build our vision boards. 

Jackie Gujral, Uber

Thank you SO much for the vision board workshop. It was everything I was hoping for.

I love how you wove some personal story-telling and really grounded us on this lovely Friday morning. 

Crystal Helwig, PinPoint Talent

Your passion in sharing with others how to utilize vision boards towards a positive impact on their lives, is inspiring!

Thank you.


The Vision Board Workshop that Jean facilitated was phenomenal.

If you have no idea what creating a vision board is all about or its purpose, this workshop is for you! It's about the power of manifestation and it's vital that you choose someone who will be supportive before, during, and after your experience. For my family and I, Jean was that support. Thank you!

Vatrice Clorie

Every new year, I have a strong desire to create a vision board as I know the power in them.

I always seem to get overwhelmed by having to buy all the magazines, cut everything out, and then plan where everything will go. Because of this, I never seem to follow through.

This year, I had the pleasure of Jean leading an online session on Vision Boarding for my membership group. She walked the group step by step on how to create an online vision board in a simple and joyful way. She’s incredibly organized, knowledgeable, thoughtful, and creative. She had inspiring examples and an entire slide presentation with so many great decorative and practical tips.

It changed my whole relationship to vision boards. It became fun and manageable as opposed to overwhelming. Just setting aside the time in itself to do it was incredible.

Meredith Sloane, Real Healings

I really love it, it was very helpful.

I could organized my ideas, goals, and thoughts. Jean will guide you so you can explore your creativity, live the process and enjoy. Thank you.


In addition to wonderful tips around selecting and assembling images, Jean shares insights into connecting the vision board meaningfully into your life throughout the year.

Dana, Appleton, WI

This workshop was amazing!

I enjoyed every part of it. It was inspiring and a beautiful way to go for your goals! Reconnect with your self with this vision board workshop. Now I want to do it every year and I want it to be part of my life.

Sofia, Explore Mexican Culture with Art

Such a wonderful workshop with clear direction and insight into creating a unique, personal vision board.

N.E., Seattle, WA

Jean's clear, friendly presentation style is personal and accessible and offers just the right touch of guidance for inspiring her students' own exploration of the medium.

Amy, Asheville, NC

Jean inspires creative thinking in everything she does. Looking forward to putting my dreams out there so that they can become reality through her vision board process.

Molly,, Virginia, USA