How to Make a Vision Board with Magazine Images and Words

How to Make a Vision Board to Manifest the Life of Your Dreams

I’m a huge devotee of vision boards and have been making them for about 20 years. And the more I made them, the more I loved it. My methodology has changed significantly over the past 20 years, going from more of a  feel-good, fun collage project to a systematic and strategic goal setting and manifesting session with the use of words and images.

But while HOW I have created vision boards has changed over time, I am more passionate about them than ever. 


Because vision boards work.

Because I enjoy the intention setting process.

Because I’m a visual person.

Because of everything I continue to learn about manifestation.

I believe I first learned about the idea from a Lucia Capacchione book, Visioning. The first ones were more creative art projects as they were ways to manifest the life of my dreams. I spent hours and days clipping pictures I liked from magazines and arranging them in interesting ways on poster board. I’d have so many images that I would sometimes end up with 3 poster board collages artfully arranged and embellished with paint and marker for added artistic effect.

They started out as surreal compilations of imagery that spoke to me, some of which would be related somehow to what I wanted in life. But while this method was far looser than anything I’ve done since, and didn’t seemingly have much to do with life goals, I still started seeing results. 

So when you are asking the question, do vision boards work?

I say, YES!

Here are just a few examples from my own life:

  • I got pregnant (a miracle baby!) soon after babies and children started showing up on my vision boards. 
  • I became an author after putting books and writing on my vision board. 
  • I moved to North Carolina from Boston with the help of goals, a vision board filled with sunshine and fresh starts, and a book about relocating.
  • I manifested my dream home with the help of a vision board.
  • And an absolutely wonderful “team I can trust” for my business.
  • And a garden (put on a vision board when I lived in an apartment).
  • Beach vacations.
  • And more!

And other people have their own success stories. I’ve had vision board parties and dates with friends, and have seen them manifest new careers and relationships after putting them on visions boards.

What I was putting on the vision boards was becoming reality. Not the next day or even the next month necessarily, but it would be especially obvious when I looked back over at my vision boards a year or so later. And especially so after a few years.

Once I saw that vision boards actually worked for me, I started creating them more intentionally.

This was also about the time that the documentary, The Secret, came out and I saw vision boards being used in it and was introduced to the concept of manifesting.

I started creating them more intentionally, combining goal setting with the vision board process and created a new board every new year (and often times a 2nd one by late summer or early fall).

I also sometimes created vision boards for specific projects or goals. I created a vision board specifically for my first book - in addition to my general life vision board for that year - and one for my book launch. I’ve created vision boards for my business and for my health.

I’ve also created vision boards in all kinds of different formats and materials.

Vision Board Variations and Formats

Small vs Large Vision Boards

I’ve created LARGE vision boards that took up 4 pieces of poster board grouped together. And one that I painted and collaged onto a 4x4’ stretched canvas.

I've also created small vision boards on a journal page or on single sheets of notebook paper.

Books & Journals 

Besides the journal page vision board, I’ve turned an entire spiral sketchbook into a vision board book by pasting images and words on the pages.

I’ve also made a portable accordion-fold vision board (one of my favorites) out of manila folders glued together.

Paper vs Canvas Vision Boards

I’ve made vision boards on paper, poster board, stretched canvas, foam core, and file folders.

Digital vs Physical

Besides the many physical vision boards that I’ve created, I’ve also made several digital versions. The first were by simply taking photos of completed paper vision boards and then using them as wallpaper on my computer.

Then I created a simple vision board movie by combining Canva slides with music and audio in the simple film editing program I had on my computer. I watched my vision board movie every day!

And finally, I’ve been creating digital vision boards on Canva that I can modify and update over time and reprint. I’ve used these as computer wallpaper and also had them printed and framed to hang on my office wall.

Even More Vision Board Formats

And that’s not even all the ways you can make vision boards. Here are some more!

  • Pin images and words on a corkboard
  • Arrange and write images and words on a whiteboard
  • Use magnets or tape to turn your fridge into a vision board
  • Create a Pinterest board for your dreams and goals

Want to make a powerful vision board with me?

I have put together my ideas and methods into an online workshop called Vision Board Magic. I’m calling it…

How to Make a Vision Board to Manifest the Life of Your Dreams

Or, actually, just VISION BOARD MAGIC, for short. :) 

In it, I guide you through my process of creating a vision board that works, including all the tips and tricks I’ve learned along the way for creating it, activating it, and living into it.

You’ll finish with your own powerful vision board to help you create the life of your dreams. 

Learn more or sign up for the vision board workshop here.

I'd love to have you!




In my online workshop, I guide you through my process for making a powerful vision board and creating the life of your dreams.


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