A Personal Mid-Year Review (Assessing Progress with Goals & Vision Boards)

How to do a mid-year review of your goals and vision board

Now that we're over halfway through the year, it is a good time to do a mini goals-and-progress review and personal vision board pow wow. Actually, anytime is a good time to do this. Besides at the mid-year mark, I also do this at the end of the year.

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How To Do a Simple Mid-Year Review on Your Goals & Vision Board

Whether you have a vision board or not, here are some ideas for performing a bit of a personal and low-key progress assessment on your dreams and goals. I suggest getting out a notebook and pen and doing some journaling on the questions that pop out to you.

Celebrate Wins

First and foremost, celebrate your wins and consider what you're grateful for in your life. It'll help you get in the right frame of mind. Focus more on what is working and all the things that have gone right than on all that you have yet to accomplish. Questions to ask yourself:

  • What are you grateful for right now and about these past several months?
  • What have you achieved, accomplished, or manifested this year so far?
  • What is working in your life?

Assess Progress & Status

Where are you in terms of your bigger goals and intentions for this year?

  • What progress have you made toward the goals that you started the year with? 
  • What is left to do?
  • How are you feeling about your goals, your progress, and how things are unfolding so far this year?

Revise Goals & Intentions

Do you need to revise any of your goals or intentions?  

  • What are your current dreams, goals, and intentions? How have they changed since you started the year? 
  • Are there any that are no longer relevant or simply no longer important to you?
  • Are there any new goals and intentions for this year that are rising to the surface?

Edit your vision board or make a new one

Make changes to your vision board, make a new vision board, or make your first vision board!

You can make changes to your vision board at any time during the year. If you have made a physical vision board, then this could be as simple as pasting new images and words onto the board, perhaps covering images that no longer feel aligned or relevant. If you’ve made a digital board, then just edit the original document, swapping out select images and words for new ones.

Or, make a brand new vision board, as I often do about halfway through the year. Some of the goals and intentions from the earlier vision board get added to the new board as I reaffirm what it is that I’m moving toward. Those that I’ve already manifested may or may not be added (I like to put things on my vision board that I have in my life as a way of saying, “thank you, and more please!” And the goals that I’ve changed my mind about for whatever reason drop off.

And, of course, if you have yet to make a vision board, there is no time like the present! A vision board is not just for the New Year. It’s for any time! If you’d like my guidance and step-by-step system for creating a vision board that works, I invite you to take my Vision Board Magic workshop. So sign up now and dive in whenever you're ready!

Take action

And you can focus on getting re-inspired and re-focused with your actions. It is through action that we receive feedback, both internally and externally, about our wishes and dreams, our lives and goals, and how we are showing up in the world. It is through inspired action, combined with clear intentions and positive feelings, that we step into the reality that we want to create in our lives.

  • What actions have you been taking and are they getting the results you desire?
  • Is there anything you know you need to do but haven’t yet, for whatever reason? (Why not?)
  • What actions are you now inspired to take? Any that you are willing to try?

I hope this mid-year progress guide helps you as you move forward towards your dream life!

And if you'd like more ideas for living into your dream life, I have an entire module inside the Vision Board Magic Workshop on setting yourself up for success, taking action, mindset tricks, and more. If you're already in it, perhaps now is a good time to revisit that last module.

I hope this mid-year progress guide helps you as you move forward towards your dream life!

Jean Van't Hul, Life & Business Coach

I help dreamers and doers live their best lives, create success on their own terms, and build businesses that thrive. I am a life and business coach, astrologer, and a vision board workshop facilitator.

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