Vision Boards for People Who Don’t Like Woo-Woo

Vision Boards for people who are skeptical of anything woo-woo

I received a comment in my vision board workshop from someone who said that she was signing up even though she didn’t like woo-woo. It made me pause.

Here’s what I think…

Vision boards are what you make of them.

They are highly personal and highly effective (if done right).

Making a vision board is, above all, a goal setting exercise, combining making a visual representation of those goals with keeping them top of mind by displaying your board where you can see it.

For the pragmatic person, who bristles at the thought of doing anything woo-woo, you can leave it at that.

Setting goals, reviewing them regularly, and creating a plan of action to achieve them is about as pragmatic as it gets. (And I encourage my students to do this in the “What to do next” portion of my Vision Board Workshop

Every business person, high achiever, Type A, competitive athlete, etc. does this as a matter of course. Because it’s smart.

And you get where you want to go if:

  1. you’re clear about where you want to go,
  2. you keep it top of mind, and
  3. you take action towards your goals.

Creating a vision board is first and foremost about goal setting.

Creating a visual representation of your goals to display where you’ll see it regularly is just another smart layer to the process.

We are visual creatures. A picture is worth a thousand words. And the process of finding and assembling the images for your vision board helps you to further clarify your goals.

So yes, I firmly believe that vision boards are for everyone, including the highly pragmatic among us.

Which is not to say that they can’t be more woo-woo in the hands of someone who is more into that sort of thing.

For someone who is into the law of attraction, manifestation, visualization, and more, the vision board becomes a tool in the process.

Personally, I think it’s a different approach and mindset with much the same result.

The pragmatic person sets goals and works toward them and ascribes any extra fortuitous results to hard work, luck, and connections. (Knowing they will be the ones doing the work.)

The more woo-woo oriented person puts her dreams and goals out into the universe and “attracts” them into her life with a combination of positive thinking, inspired action, and ascribes any extra fortuitous results to synchronicities and the law of manifestation. (Knowing that God or the universe or their higher self is helping them to create what they want.)

The result is much the same either way.

The pragmatic person takes it all personally in that they have to work hard to get what they want. They believe it’s up to them to plan the work and work the plan. 

The woo-woo person takes it all personally in that they have to work on themselves, their frequency, their attitude, their alignment, and their inspired actions. And they are willing to relax and let the universe handle the details. They think it’s all up to them to get in alignment mentally and physically, but then they are willing to let the universe play a hand in creating what they want.

If the pragmatic person doesn’t get their desired result, they say they didn’t work hard enough or have a good enough plan or that they didn’t have good luck.

If the woo-woo person doesn’t get their desired result, they say they must not have been in complete alignment or they still must have lessons to learn along the way or the universe must have other plans for them.

Personally, I take a more middle ground approach.

I set goals and work toward them like a pragmatic person and yet I have my woo-woo training wheels on. I’m learning to relax and let the universe do it’s part. I’m working more on my mindset and getting into alignment with who I want to be and what I want in life. And I’m open to following my intuition more.

To conclude, vision boards are what you make of them.

Making one is a pragmatic goal setting exercise AND it can be a keystone in manifesting what you desire. (It is also simply a fun collage activity.)

What do you think? 

Would you say you’re more of a pragmatic person or are you playing on the woo-woo side of life? How do you approach vision boards?

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