Astrology for Life Purpose, Business, and Career

Using Astrology for Life Purpose, Business, and Career

I’ve been using astrology in my life and business for the past couple of years. 

And, as a result, I’ve had so much more self acceptance for who I am, quirks and all. And so much more clarity about my life and business. And how I work best.

I’m a tad obsessed with astrology, y’all. 

Okay, full on obsessed.

I find astrology fascinating. Helpful. Affirming.

Astrology is a complex language of energies, archetypes, life areas, relationships, and timing (planets, signs, houses, aspects, transits) that I have been studying and soaking up daily through classes, books, podcasts, and hands-on application.

And I’ve begun using astrology with some of my coaching clients to help them gain clarity on their life purpose, their businesses, and themselves.

And the result has been so positive!

One client, whom I’ve been working with for a while, had a huge breakthrough this past month after I did her business astrology reading. I looked at her birth chart and shared what it said about her purpose, her role, her communication style, and how she was meant to help people.

She had had a couple of other astrology readings before but said this one was the most spot on by far. The most helpful. The most eye opening. 

She said she resonated with ALL of it.

And that it provided clarity about her business and acceptance for who she was and how she worked. She said that it gave her permission to be more herself in her business, to slow down, and to let her work be easier and more fun.

And, lo and behold, when she allowed her own voice to shine through and to approach business with more ease, joy, and flow, she “magically” got so much more traction than when she was doing what she thought she was “supposed” to do.

In our most recent coaching session, we talked about ways to incorporate more of her own style and astrological blueprint into other areas of her work and business. 

She is more excited about her work now. It’s palpable.

I LOVE that for her.

I want that kind of self acceptance, celebration, joy, and ease for everyone!

So I’ve decided to offer these soul blueprint astrology sessions as stand alones instead of just for my coaching clients.

I find it awe inspiring how much insight and information astrology can offer us.

A reading like this can help provide clarity about life purpose, whether that’s within a career or business context.

It can also help when we are just starting to think about life direction (I did this for my daughter who is graduating high school in a week) or are considering a transition of some kind. 

Astrology can show the role you are meant to play.

The desired outcome of your life’s work.

How you are meant to help others.

How you best communicate.

How you are meant to shine.

How you can make money more effortlessly.

And so much more!

I’m passionate about helping people find their calling, understand their unique soul’s blueprint better, and be more authentically themselves!

If you’d like me to take a look at your birth chart and share what it reveals about your life purpose, I'd be happy to!


Your Astrology Blueprint 

Learn about your own unique astrological blueprint for greater clarity and alignment with your life purpose, business, or career.

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