Your Astrology Blueprint

Learn about your own unique astrological blueprint for greater clarity and alignment with your life purpose, business, or career.

Astrology provides insight into the purpose and role you were born for. Knowing this information can make a big difference in the satisfaction, direction, and success of your work, your business, and your life. 

Are you seeking clarity about your life purpose? And how to make your business or career more successful & FUN?

Your birth chart reveals a surprising amount of helpful information that can help you...

✔️ Get out of ruts & limitations

✔️ Be your true self

✔️ Increase self awareness & self acceptance

✔️ Embrace more rewarding & meaningful work

✔️ Navigate challenges

✔️ Strategize next steps

How Astrology Can Help

Understand Your Life Purpose

Learn what your birth chart says about your unique life purpose. This can help with career or business clarity, whether you are just starting out, want to make your business or career more successful, or desire to make a transition.

Discover the Keys Revealed in Your Chart

Discover what your particular astrological blueprint says about how you are meant to shine, the role you are here to play, the impact you are meant to have, and your path of greatest potential and growth.

Experience More Alignment & Ease

When you align your life and work with your astrological energy, you'll enjoy more ease, flow, and joy in all areas. Learn how you communicate most effectively, interact with your clients & community, and make money with less effort.

How It Works

Once you provide your birth details, I’ll take a look at your birth chart from the perspective of your life purpose, and business or career. 

We’ll meet via Zoom to go over the details of your chart, what it all means, and how to incorporate the information into your life and business/career for better alignment, ease, and success.

You’ll also receive a recording of our Zoom session.

Get Your Astrology Blueprint

Order a reading to learn to work with your own unique astrological blueprint for greater alignment and success in your work and life.